I doubt this suits me. I think it’s pretty challenging.
I understand that. That is why we first get meet informally and free of charge at a location near you, that you find comfortable.
If we like eachother, we can undertake a small-scale trip together. Maybe to a museum in the region, or an exhibition or concert. In this way you can experience in a relaxed way whether you like our cooperation. With Bijdehante Tante you are not tied to anything. You only pay if we actually go out together. If you don’t like the collaboration anymore, we will stop without any further strings attached. Simple, fair, fun.

Tour guide senior elderly person

I would like to go out with my partner or someone else. Can you join us?
Yes, that’s fully possible. Even if you travel with others, I can accompany you. For example, I can drive, park, arrange tickets, take luggage, or organize other things that you are happy to hand over. I am your personal company, for seniors who love to travel

I would like to make a trip in the short term. Is that possible?
It doesn’t matter if your trip is soon. Please feel free to contact me. I prefer to get to know you first, but if you want to make a trip in the short term, you can (depending on my availability). We first meet informally and both look if we feel comfortable. If so, we can make our first trip.

I want to use Bijdehante Tante for someone else, for example my mother. Is that possible? Are you also a personal buddy of seniors during an international trip?
Certainly, you can. You can hire me for yourself, but also to guide someone from your network or family. I am the personal companion of seniors on an international trip and can, for example, pick up your mother (-in-law) abroad and travel with you to the Netherlands. Or vice versa: traveling with family from the Netherlands to abroad. I could also accompany kids or other members of your family. This makes that international trip or family visit still possible; that’s priceless.

I can also be the personal friend on location, so that you as a family spend time together, but you do not have to empty your entire agenda. I prefer to get to know the person I am guiding personally in advance, but such an introduction can also be done online or by telephone, if the person I will be accompanying is already abroad.