What will be your next trip?

You are a smart and energetic senior: you are intelligent, headstrong, have an interest in the world and life. You know what you want. Some people call that spicy, we think that’s a perfect way of living.

You are positive minded and love discovering the world. You like culture or traveling. But you wish you could do it more often.

Maybe you’re single, your partner isn’t available for travel or you have different interests. Maybe your family or kids don’t live nearby, or they’re busy with their work. In short: you want to go out more often. But who’s going with you?

Personal companion for travel & trips

How would you feel about finding a personal companion, a buddy who will go with you on all your favorite trips? I’d like to be that for you.

I’m your personal companion: to that wonderfull concert, that beautiful exhibition, that special museum. Or we go on a trip together: a few days to a beautiful city nearby, or to the other side of the world. Visiting family, or making that journey that has been on your wish list for too long.

I can arrange tickets and transport, am your personal companion and buddy. With my help, those travels and trips are suddenly no longer too complicated, but become feasible.

With ‘Bijdehante Tante’ you get a personal buddy, who goes out with you. Without obligations, only when you want it. Personal, special, small-scale, but above all: fun!

What will be your next trip?

Day trips seniors culture museum theatre exhibition
Culture trip seniors


Going to the museum, theatre, a concert or an exhibition together? Perfect! I arrange your tickets, transport and create a beautiful experience together. Which trip has been high on your wish list for too long?


A journey from Zandvoort to Zimbabwe, from Amersfoort to Australia. A day trip or to the other site of the world: everything is possible. We discuss your wishes together, then you will receive a customized proposal and decide whether we are going.

Family visit supervisor senior


Do you want to catch up with your daughter in Drenthe or visit family in Denver for three weeks? That’s possible. I travel with you and on location you have time for your loved ones. Which family members will you visit soon?

Region The Hague – Leiden – Delft. And the rest of the world

The services of Bijdehante Tante are aimed at people living in the Netherlands, in the region Delft, The Hague, Leiden, Wassenaar, Voorschoten, Rijswijk, Voorburg and Leidschendam. That’s because I live in that region myself. Of course, our trips are not limited to that region, we go to the places you want: near or very far away in the rest of the world.

Would you like personal guidance on travels and trips, but do you live outside this region? Please feel free to contact me to discuss what’s possible and how I can help you.