In our cooperation you are not tied to anything; you commit yourself to nothing. You only pay for the times we go out together. What are the rates for me as your personal travel &culture supervisor? We discuss this in advance, and the following half-day rates apply as an indication (21% VAT excluded from those rates):

  • Part of a day (2-4 hours): €175
  • Full day (4-8 hours): €325
  • Long day (more than 8 hours): €475
  • Longer than a day: tailor-made offer, based on the commitment per day during a longer trip.

Remember: with my guidance you will make the trips that you can’t do now; that’s priceless.

Personal guide & culture

Personal travel guide & culture - rates

I am your personal company, who helps you as much as possible and arranges practical matters for you. We create a great time together.

If we go out, we can use my car. I will pick you up at home and bring you back home afterwards. This way you don’t have to worry about travel times, routes or parking.

We can also use public transport if you wish. We travel together and I will find out everything for you regarding travel times, transfers, check-in, etc. If you prefer to travel by taxi or other transport, that is of course also possible.

You do not pay any costs for using my car. Also, you do not pay for the travel time from my house to your home. These costs are included in my half-day rate.

Extra travel costs (public transport, airline tickets, parking costs, taxi, etc) are for your account. The costs of a trip or trip for both of us (entrance fees, tickets, coffee / tea, lunches, dinner, taxi, air travel, etc) are also for your account. You only pay the net costs on these matters, without any additional fees.

Do you need to cancel a planned trip? No problem. This can be done free of charge up to a week in advance (without costs already paid, like tickets). After that, I charge 30% of my fare, plus any costs already incurred such as paid tickets.

Would you like to know more or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me.