About me

‘Bijdehante Tante’ is the personal companion for seniors or others who love to explore the world. It focuses on travels, culture family visits and other trips.

This service is founded by me, Ellen de Lange-Ros PhD. I am self-employed and specialist in soft working. That’s why I’m not busy and I have time for fun things in addition to my business and family. Like travel or visiting a museum or theater.

I love museums, exhibitions, culture and travel. My family members care less about this; my husband and sons love soccer and cricket. They like to spend a lot of time on sports, time that I prefer to spend on culture and travel. That’s why I started ‘Bijdehante Tante’.

Bijdehante Tante is a small-scale initiative, I have room for one to three clients.

From a local theater to an international exhibition. From a pharaoh exhibition in the museum to a visit to the real pyramids in Egypt: I am happy to travel with you. As your personal companion, I am your buddy and I arrange everything like tickets, transport, etc.

When your hire me, you are not tied to anything and commit to nothing. We discuss what you want each time we go out and we create a great time together.

Personal companion day trips and trips

I am an active jack-of-all-trades, who loves to do new things. My hobbies include: gardening and my vegetable garden (in addition, I work in the forest at Duivenvoorde Castle), reading and writing children’s literature, drawing on my iPad, drumming, aikido (a Japanese martial art), personal development and spirituality, walking, cycling, and above all: discovering the world.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands in the Achterhoek (Winterswijk), studied Business Engineering and obtained my PhD at the University of Twente. I worked at KPN, a big dutch Telecom operator for seven years, as a researcher, project manager and customer research manager. Since 2006 I have my own company and since 2021 Bijdehante Tante is a part of that.

Are you wondering what trips you could make with me? Please feel free to contact me for an appointment by phone. We can also meet in person, at a location in your neighbourhood.